FAQ Philips End of Year Event


Is the building easily accessible by public transport?
If you get off at Centraal Station in the city, you can walk to Strijp-S within 20 minutes.
Strijp-S is easily accessible by bus from Eindhoven Central Station. Take line 401, 402 or 403 and get off at the Strijp-S stop.
Eindhoven Strijp-S station is a train station a 5-minute walk away. This is adjacent to the Strijp-S site.

Can I park in the neighborhood of the Klokgebouw?
We recommend using public transport or biking to the venue if possible. Parking is available nearby and parking tickets will be provided. We encourage you to carpool if possible. It’s not only better for the environment, but also much more sociable!

Is the car park in Amsterdam still open after returning by bus?
The garage at Philips headquarters in Amsterdam will remain open until 01:00 am.

Is the building accessible for wheelchairs?
The Klokgebouw has been made as accessible as possible for wheelchair users. For example, with disabled toilets, wide passages and ground-level programs.

Are lockers available?
You have the possibility of using a locker in the Klokgebouw, which you can open and close by means of a code or key.

Can I take an intro with me?
The event is for Philips Benelux employees only, and is designed to thank you for your efforts and dedication over the past year.

What if I forget my badge or ticket?
For a smooth flow at the door, it is important to bring both your ticket and your Philips badge. If you forget either of them, you can visit the special information desk. If you forget both, unfortunately we cannot let you in.

Are allergies or dietary requirements taken into account?
When registering, you can indicate if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements. Vegan options will be offered in the food court anyway.

The dress code is ‘a touch of blue’, is that meant to be subtle or is the intention to come in some kind of carnival outfit?
The event will be an enjoyable evening with your colleagues and good music. A carnival outfit is no guarantee of winning prizes, so wear something festive, with a ’touch of blue’.

Do I have to be there at 5pm sharp?
You may enter whenever you want, but we recommend you be on time to not miss anything from the fantastic program.

Is there an afterparty?
The program ends at 10pm and we request everyone to leave the Klokgebouw quietly after that.

How do you deal with safety if we are such a large group?
In cooperation with the Klokgebouw and our own Health & Safety colleagues and a medical service, a comprehensive safety plan has been drawn up and measures are being taken to ensure that we can all safely enjoy this beautiful evening.

Who can I contact if I don’t feel safe?
Besides the security guards, the Philips safety officer will also be present during the event. In addition, QR codes with instructions will be displayed at various locations, allowing anonymous contact and reporting of undesirable behaviour, for example with regard to excessive drinking or drug use (which is prohibited at the event). Immediate action will then be taken.

In consultation with the safety officer, it will then be determined what measures will be taken with regard to the person causing the nuisance.

Can I share video or pictures on social media?
Our social media guidelines apply, please follow this ​pdf icon link. We have a duty to be truthful and responsible in all our communications as Philips employees, including engaging on social media.

do not want photo or video footage taken of me. How can you take care of that?
If you object to being photographed, please make this known at the Information Desk. You will then receive a vignette or lanyard recognizable to the photographer so that he will not take photos or video footage of you. If you did accidentally land on an image, we know we are not allowed to use it.

Is it allowed to smoke inside the Klokgebouw?
(Electric) smoking or vaping is prohibited in the Klokgebouw. For those who feel the need, there will be a opportunity outside the building where this is permitted.